(3,000T/Y-15,000T/Y) Composite fiber (ES composite fiber, Sea-island composite fiber) Production Line - Zhangjiagang Yongxing Machinery
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(3,000T/Y-15,000T/Y) Composite fiber (ES composite fiber, Sea-island composite fiber) Production Line

Bi-Component fiber is one kind of multi-component fiber, on the cross section of fiber exists two or more than two no mix polymer fiber. According to the types of cross section, they are side-by-side composite fiber, sheath core, and sea-island composite fiber. The composite fiber is mainly used in PU leather、yarn、wool fabric、silk textile、medical and sanitary fields. Nowadays, due to the requirement of environment protection, the genuine leather is slowly replaced by PU leather.

Sea-island microfiber

Sea-island Microfiber is consisted of Nylon/Co-PET bi-component polymer. The Co-Polyester can be dissolved after alkaline treatment and get 37 pieces of fine denier Nylon fiber. It is good for artificial leather and wipes application.


  • Suede-like soft touch
  • Excellent wiping performance
  • High density fabrics


  • Artificial leather
  • Wiper

Process of Composite Fiber Production Line